The Best Affordable Wooden Playhouses!

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Updated February 4, 2022.

Please Note: I will try to update this list often. Due to Covid, cedarwood, and lumber shortage, if you see a playhouse you like, snag it quickly. They have been selling out, especially for spring and summer.

I curated a list of the best affordable wooden playhouses for kids and toddlers to paint and customize. Make a dreamy playhouse to fit your child’s personality. You can hack any outdoor wooden playhouse with any paint color, add accessories, kitchens, make it a café, anything you want!

Moreover, you can even add your playhouse to your child’s playroom if you do not want to put it outdoors! You can see our fun playhouse for our playroom here.

Affordable Wooden Playhouses!


The Bancroft Wooden Playhouse is a fun wooden playhouse that will provide hours of imaginative play. This cozy cottage features a large side window that serves as an impromptu puppet theater or a pretend drive-thru and fairytale pane windows with twin flower boxes. A real working doorbell, a working door and big enough for three kids to play at once. It’s crafted with a keen eye for architectural detail as well as imaginative play!


Can you imagine the wooden playhouse makeover you could do on this little home? You could use so many different paint options, what about the ever-trendy farmhouse black and white? The Country Vista Playhouse will keep your kids busy for hours.

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Looking to paint a wooden playhouse? This modern playhouse is affordable and perfect for the job!

Looking for an outdoor playhouse that is stylish and contemporary? The KidKraft Modern Outdoor Wooden Playhouse is perfect for your child! This playhouse is made of high-quality wood and has a sleek design that will look great in any backyard. Your child will love spending hours playing in this fun and exciting playhouse!

This modern playhouse is also one of the cutest wooden playhouses to do a playhouse makeover on. You can do black and white, pink and grey, blue and gray, the options are endless and they turn out so cute. Plus, this playhouse has a picnic table attached for lunch outside on a sunny day!


The Woodbridge Wooden Playhouse is a perfect play station for your kids. This playhouse would be the best wooden playhouse to paint and do a playhouse hack! With its stylish design, white trim windows, decorative working door, and flowerpots, it sparks imaginative play like never before. The wide side windows give this children’s toy the ultimate imagination station they need!


The Lakeside Bungalow Playhouse is the perfect place for kids and pets to get away from it all. With a picket-fence yard, flower planters out front (for planting memories), birdhouses that are just waiting for guests–you’re sure not going anywhere anytime soon with this gorgeous playhouse!


This sweet and affordable wooden playhouse is adorned with flower pot holders and a cute half-door for a simple, yet elegant style that may even become a centerpiece of your yard. On one side of this Backyard Discovery playhouse, there is a snack window for serving up cool drinks for a fun summer activity for kids and all kinds of other play. Inside are fun accessories, including a play sink, stovetop, and phone! Check out the Sweetwater Playhouse!


The Stone Creek Playhouse with Bench is a unique wooden playhouse that is a great place for the whole family! Kids will have hours of fun playing inside, while parents sit on comfortable benches outside. This wooden playhouse features an inviting roofline and cupola that make it feel like home too!

Our Playhouse Makeover. It really is simple and so cute outdoors or in a kids playroom
Our Wooden Playhouse we did a makeover on!!

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