Best Toys for Toddler Girls-Our Favorites of 2022

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I am constantly trying to keep my busy, active, and mischievous toddler occupied and entertained. Finding the right toys to keep her engaged and learning simultaneously can be challenging. These are our picks for the best toys for toddler girls in 2022!

Please note: All of these toys are great for ALL toddlers, not just girls. I happen to have a toddler girl, and these are the toys we recommend.

Best Toys for Toddler Girl 2022

This is one of our favorite toys. My toddler plays with this cute working sink for the longest time. This toy can easily be played with outside, in a bathtub, or open a shower, or we put a towel on the floor, and she plays away (see video below).

Cute Stone working sink is our favorite toddler girl toy of the year. It may be a simple little toy but it will keep your toddler busy for hours.


CUTE STONE Pretend Play Kitchen Sink has REAL running water that circulates for continuous play. This kitchen toy set includes a kitchen sink, a working faucet, dish rack, plastic cups, plastic plates, accessories, and plastic food for hours of fun. This is one of the best toddler girl toys of 2022 (and boys), and we love ours.

Best Indoor Toys for Active Toddlers

Little Tikes Pelican Explore & Fit Cycle. My toddler received this Peloton-like stationary bike for Christmas. There has been a lot of talk about why people should not buy these for their toddlers. I’m afraid I have to disagree. My toddler always wants to be on my adult exercise equipment and gets frustrated because she can’t. She can participate with me, she loves it, and that’s all that matters.


By no means is this indoor bike for kids a substitute for outdoor exercise. However, if you are isolated or in lockdown from COVID, having cold or rainy days, kids LOVE this.

You attach an IPad or iPhone for kids to do a fun interactive activity for their level or do a freestyle ride. It’s fun, interactive, and, let’s be honest, any exercise for kids is good exercise. It can’t hurt.

The Best Toddler Girl Gift

Present Pets. My daughter received this for her birthday, and I must say, it is one of the cutest things she has ever gotten.

  • The puppy self-unboxes and paws its own way out of the box (this was such a fun suprise)
  • Once Cocoa or Casey the glitter pet has arrived it has over 100 sounds and actions. Your puppy has expressive eyes, soft fur and a playful personality.
  • The glittery puppy will respond to your voice, give kisses and shuffles her paws when she is excited.
  • A great toddler girl gift or for an older birthday girl. This puppy is an experience.

Best Toys For Toddler Girl-Wooden Playhouses

Wooden Playhouse for Toddlers. If you want a toy that will last a few years and an endless amount of time spent playing, get a wooden playhouse. We did a wooden playhouse makeover, and custom painted it.

One of the best toddler toys that last a very long time is a wooden playhouse. Do a wooden playhouse makeover and paint it any color you like!

Though these playhouses are made to be outdoor toys, ours fit perfectly in our small playroom. We decorate the wooden playhouse for each holiday, and my toddler never gets bored with it.

With lockdowns and Covid (plus a cedar wood shortage, snag one if you can), this little playhouse is worth the investment (I did my entire playhouse makeover, including the playhouse under $250).

Best Toddler Girl Toys

CoolSand- Indoor Moldable Sand. My toddler plays for hours with this indoor sand. I highly recommend CoolSand to the leading indoor play sand. It has no smell, is non-toxic, comes in several colors, and is easy to clean up.

We make different sensory bins, and I rotate the toys in the container, so it stays interesting for her. The best part, it’s a surprisingly therapeutic activity for your toddler and yourself.

CoolSand is:

  • This sand is moldable, you can shape it, slice it anyway you like real beach sand. CoolSand does not dry out, and easliy cleaned up.
  • CoolSand only sticks to itself not carpet, furniture or clothes. Its 100% non-toxic
  • Stimulates creative and sensory skills. This is and educational and sensory toy kit.
  • Stored easily in the provided sandbox tray or in a container.
  • CoolSand is relaxing and calming for toddler, kids and adults. I personally love playing with CoolSand, its very therapeutic.
  • Great toddler girl gift, for boys, and older kids

KidKraft Let’s Pretend Pop Up Pet Vet. This is the 2022 hot toy of the year. Your toddler can take care of their pets in this adorable pretend to play pet vet. This toy is a great space saver, it pops up to play, and when finished, this toy folds down for easy storage.

The best toy of 2022 and best toddler girl toy is the space-saver Lets pretend Pop Up Vet

Melissa and Doug Grocery Store. I bought this as a Santa gift for my toddler, and like the wooden playhouse, I did a little makeover. I painted all the green and brown parts pink and left the white. It turned out so cute and matched her playhouse.

The cash register works along with the credit card machine. We have played countless hours with this pretend play grocery store. Additionally, this wood toy is well made. We recommend this durable play food

This little grocery store is hours of fun and entertainment. This is one of the the best toddler toys 2022

KidKraft Ultimate Corner Wooden Play Kitchen is the ultimate play kitchen for kids who love to cook! This smart, sturdy wooden kitchen features a unique corner design and comes with everything your little chef needs to create culinary masterpieces.

The oven, microwave, refrigerator, and freezer all open and close; the washer door opens, and there’s a cordless phone with a hands-free clip. A removable sink makes clean up easy. The stovetop has realistic lights and sounds.

This little modern white kitchen would be a great toddler girl toy you can gift Your toddler will play for hours with this cute kitchen with realistic sounds and lights

The Bumper Buddy Ride On Electric Car is the ultimate indoor bumper car for toddlers! This toddler ride-on toy is designed to give little ones an electric ride they’ll love while protecting their toys, walls, and furnishings from damage. This new version has all the features parents want in a children’s toy – even a remote for parents to control!

Best Ride-On Toddler Toy for indoor or outdoor use!

Roller Derby EZRoll Adjustable Hello Kitty Skates These skates were a fun find. I was surprised how well my toddler could skate and hold her balance with these cute skates.

These toddler skates are the perfect way for your little one to start skating. This sturdy and strong pair of skates is an excellent introduction to roller skating, with a low center of gravity that will help your child learn to balance and control. The adjustable sizing means you can use these skates for years as your young lady grows!

Hello Kitty Skates are a the best toddler girl gift!

The best toddler girl toys of 2022 are the ones that encourage creativity and self-expression. These are toys we love, recommend, and have kept my busy toddler entertained.

Are there any toddler toys you absolutely love we could add to the list? We would love to hear from you and your happy toddler! Be sure to follow our tiny adventures on Instagram!

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