Best Wooden Playhouses For Kids under $500!

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For a little more wiggle room in the budget, here is the list of the best wooden playhouses for kids and toddlers under $500 (retailer’s prices are subject to change.) If you’re looking to do a wooden playhouse makeover, these playhouses are perfect.

Turn an outdoor playhouse into a dreamy play space your children will play in for hours! They can use their imaginations, have tea parties, spend the afternoon playing café, or do activities like coloring!

If these are heavy on your budget, check out my curated list of affordable wooden playhouses to paint and hack and see my daughter’s dreamy playhouse on a budget!

This modern wooden playhouse for toddlers and kids is perfect for a makeover or just leave it how it comes!  For the size and accessories this is a very affordable wooden playhouse for HOURS of fun.

You asked for a white modern outdoor playhouse so that your imagination can run wild. The blank canvas lets you paint over it with any color of the rainbow or keep its original colors. Just attach decorations to make it match your theme–whatever is in store this season. If you scour Pinterest, you’ll come up with some fun wooden playhouse paint ideas for girls and boys. The possibilities are endless. Your kids can have picnics, play chef in their own modern playhouse. This playhouse comes in modern white and natural wood. (See Below) Both would be fantastic for an outdoor wooden playhouse! Hint: if your space allows it, playhouses are also fun indoors!

You can up up with so many wooden playhouse paint ideas for your kids! Doing a wooden playhouse makeover will customize your little house for your kids personalities!

Greystone Cottage Playhouse

This is one of the most popular wooden playhouses on Pinterest. And one of the most popular playhouse makeovers. You can customize it to fit your child’s personality. The Greystone Cottage Playhouse features an adorable chimney, a working doorbell and is big enough to fit up to five children at once! With the included accessories such as a kitchen with cooking stovetop and sink or mailbox that has chalkboard surface for writing mail down – which are perfect additions any time of year – it will be hard not to get lost in imagination while playing on this one-of-a-kind house set.

This little bungalow comes with a picket fence and a hanging birdhouse, the all-American dream! Your kids can play for hours in this adorable Lakeside Playhouse with a sink, a mail slot, chalkboard, and twin flower boxes that will allow your child’s imagination to soar. Can you imagine if you did a wooden playhouse makeover on this bungalow? The customization possibilities are endless.

This is one of the best wooden playhouses on Pinterest for a makeover. It has been so many times and turns out so cute!

The Forestview II Playhouse is another wildly popular wooden playhouse for kids. This playhouse is a perfect place for kids to play outside and pretend the house they have always dreamed of. This Kidcraft wooden playhouse has realistic details like working doorbells, clocks with moveable hands, and color-changing chalkboard walls that never get boring. Youngsters may even be so excited about entering their new home through decorative windows where they can see an adorable kitchen complete with two pans hanging on cute pegs! Check out the Forestview Playhouse!

Your children and their friends are going to spend hours with this outdoor wooden playhouse with built-in fun and activities. The Real Wood Adventures™ 5-in-1 Game house is a sturdy wooden playhouse that features different games on every surface! 

Affordable Wooden Playhouse Ideas!

This wooden playhouse is under $350 and would be so cute to do a playhouse hack. It would also be adorable to do the Pinterest-popular farmhouse playhouse hack. Your child will have so much fun discovering this Outsunny playhouse from their imagination to an exciting adventure. The wooden structure is made out of fir wood and coated with paint that makes it sturdy, durable for outdoor use– perfect if you want your kid playing outside! This kids’ playhouse includes built-in doors and windows for easy access as well as ventilation while they’re exploring the flowerpot holders, mailbox, bench, or serving station just inside its gates. Check out the Outsunny Playhouse.

Are you looking for the best wooden playhouse for toddlers? This one is perfect and you could possibly fit it in your playroom. This is a similar playhouse we have in our playroom (which isn’t that big) and my daughter, Harper, plays for hours in it. The Sweetwater is the most affordable wooden playhouse with many details,

Best wooden playhouse for toddlers and to do a wooden playhouse makeover is the Bayberry playhouse :)

The Bayberry Playhouse by KidKraft is a dream playhouse makeover; the little wooden window shutters are the best. Imagine painting this playhouse your child’s favorite colors. With room enough to accommodate three children, this outdoor wooden playhouse has more than just the white picket fence with which to leave your guests satisfied: The working door opens onto a large and welcoming space complete with an inside cafe shelf where kids can make tea or color on their own time while mom’s away! Plus charming windows that look like they came straight out of Cinderella’s castle. And if these features don’t convince someone there are unicorns in the backyard, then perhaps its rooftop cupola will! Check Out the Bayberry Playhouse.

You can see my post on painting and customizing our wooden playhouses here. It was an enjoyable project and looks so great in our playroom! And a whole list of budget playhouses to paint and hack!

Happy (Playhouse) Hunting!

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