How to Save Money On Groceries

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How to save money on groceries

Today I walked into a grocery store and saw a fresh shipment of summer peaches. Yum.


Ok, um, per pound?

Nope. That was for ONE organic peach.


I reasoned with myself that I don’t need organic; the Hostess Cupcakes I downed last night was loaded with chemicals anyways.

That’s not my point. My point here today is that sh*t is expensive. And we have to eat.

It’s probably the most essential and enjoyable thing we do as human beings.

Here are a few simple tips on how to save money on groceries during this historic high inflation and keep more of your hard-earned cash in your pocket.

I don’t know about you, but as a single mom with one income, grocery shopping on a budget is rough right now. I felt the hurt at the grocery store months, I mean months ago. So I needed a plan, and here are my simple and easy tips!

Order Your Groceries Online.

Not only does ordering grocery pick-up make your life easier, but it’s also convenient, and you will save so much more money.

I know many people like to pick their produce and go in to see what they feel like eating, but if you want to save money, shop on your grocery pick-up app.

Write down your meals, breakfast, lunch, and dinner, on paper, then write what ingredients per meal you need, check your pantry to cross ingredients you may already have, and add to the cart in your online app. This will help you save money on groceries.

Add “needs” you may need during the week.

Head to your grocery app FIRST, and digital clip coupons, go through sales. Target has Target Circle with great deals but be sure to comb through the site because they hide sometimes.

I love different items from different stores, so I found a cluster of Kroger, Target, and Walmart if I need to hit all three in one grocery pick-up.

Yes, I know, gas.

To save money on groceries, I try to shop at one store, generally Kroger, because I get fuel points. I filled up yesterday and saved .40 cents per gallon because I shop at Kroger each month and rack those points up.

However, since food is important to my kids and me, I will plan to go to one to three stores all in one shot and schedule my pick-ups around the same time, same day, generally, at the same time gymnastics practice ends.

If I had the ability to have Walmart+ (my neighborhood doesn’t have it yet), the price for the membership benefits (grocery delivery, gas points, etc.) would be totally worth it. It is stated that you can save up to $1600 a year with this membership.

Make a List and Stick With It

I have ADHD, so organizing and getting what I need at the grocery store in one trip can be difficult.

Make a grocery list to avoid impulse purchases and stick to buying items you really need. Impulse purchases can add up quickly if you are not careful.

I personally make a written list of my meals for the week; then I take a photo of it because nine out of ten times, I forget the list. Or, I will make a written grocery list with every ingredient I need and will add it to my online app for grocery pick-up (as stated above).

But here is where you will save money…STICK TO THE LIST. Your grocery list will have every item you NEED for your meals, and you will survive without a pound bag of Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, I promise.

Find What Grocery Items You Can Cut Out

Find out what items you purchase that make you feel bad about your health. Do you really need those items? Will you feel physically better without them?

For example, I love energy drinks. They do not make me feel better, or sometimes they make me even more tired than I already am. I read an article on how energy drinks are causing young people early heart disease. I am not young per se, but I want to live a long life.


I was spending $2.50 per can of energy drink, A DAY. That is $75 per month, $900 per year. That is a plane ticket to Europe.

And, I feel a heck of a lot better not drinking these synthetic drinks that apparently cause heart murmurs and early heart disease.

I found good ole’ water gave me more hydration and energy. Duh. My skin looks better; I have more money and more energy NOT drinking energy drinks, the irony.

So, do yourself a favor and find what grocery items will make you feel better NOT purchasing. You will know exactly what I am talking about just reading this.

How To Make Your Life Easier

Leave Your Overspending Family Member at Home

I have two overspenders. A toddler and teen. These two cost me AT LEAST $40 more when I bring them. It’s like they have a quota of “can I get” or “I want this” when I bring them to the grocery store with me.

Even when I online shop, if I bring the teen, can I get a $22 Starbucks, can we get lunch, donuts eeeeekkkk.

Leave them home.

If you’re the overspender, play a game of “needs and wants.” This is a tough time right now.

Do you need it, or do you want it?

Don’t Shop While Hungry.

This is a cardinal rule even if there isn’t wallet-crushing inflation. Never, ever grocery shop while hungry.

Not only will you save money on groceries if you go full and satisfied, but you’ll also save yourself from calories from cookies, cakes, and snacks that are unhealthy and bad for your waistband.

We have worked so hard getting off that covid weight; let’s not go back to that (wink wink).

Shop for nutrient-dense, whole foods.

When groceries get expensive, people start reaching for pre-packaged, processed foods because they “seem” to be cheaper.

The fewer nutrients and essential proteins, vitamins, and minerals, the more likely your body is prone to health problems and being sick; Your immune system will do a dive; therefore, more trips to the doctors and more money out of your pocket.

Think about this when you are tempted to save a couple or a few dollars here and there. Here are a few tips:

  • The best way to shop for healthy foods filled with nutrients that are good for your body is to avoid the middle aisles, shop the perimeter of the store and not be a rabid, hungry beast when grocery shopping.
  • If you are able, buy meats in bulk. Lean meats are the best for your body, like chicken and turkey. They are healthier options and cost less money than beef.
  • If you can buy meats in bulk, do so and plan your meals accordingly.
  • Plan a dinner or meal that is meatless.
  • Buy dry goods like grains, beans, rice, and oatmeals in bulk and cook them yourself. They are much cheaper than processed, canned goods. If you see canned goods on sale, grab a couple here and there to have a stash.
  • Make soups and chili in a crockpot or stove in bulk. Canned foods are incredibly high during inflation. Plus, these foods are processed and loaded with sodium. Homemade soups and chili can be frozen too.
  • Foods high and low on grocery store shelves cost less than at eye level. You may even find some off-brands you prefer more than brand names. I have a few items like Target’s “Good n Gather” brand is absolutely delicious (especially the ice cream for $2.79) and extremely affordable.

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Never Buy Pre-Packaged Fruits and Veggies

Or, save your health and don’t buy a ton of pre-packaged, processed anything. Think whole, nutritional foods such as fruits and veggies for your body and health.

Fruits and veggies that are prepared and pre-packaged always cost more. Plus, they taste better, and you’ll get more for your money if you prepare them yourself.

Order Meal Delivery

Sometimes ordering a meal delivery service is more cost efficant than heading to the grocery store. For several factors, you may consider meal kit delivery (or fully prepared meals), such as you work long hours and preparing a meal after seems too much, so you stop at a fast food restaurant all the time. Or you have a small family or a couple. Or, you simply are not a great cook, and these meals provide a nutritious meal at the end of the day.

Whatever the reason, do some math if you would save money on groceries or if it will be more cost-effective to have meals delivered to your door.

Here are some top-rated meal kit delivery systems to price and consider:

  • Freshly. Chef-made, fully prepared meals. Choose from a rotating menu each week, meals with dietary restrictions and choose up 4-12 meals a week and skip weeks if needed.
  • Marley Spoon. Preportioned meal kits delivered to your door. Each meal kit included 45+ recipes to choose from each week and the highest quality ingredients for healthy, delicious meals.
  • Splendid Spoon. Plant-based meals are premade and designed to help create easy and healthy eating habits. With over 50 ready-to-eat meals

How to Save Money on Groceries-Final Thoughts

So, what can you do to save money on groceries without resorting to unhealthy eating habits? Here are a few tips: meal plan and create a grocery list based on your menu, buy in bulk when possible, compare prices between stores, and take advantage of sales and discounts. Have you tried any of these methods to save money on groceries? What other tricks do you use?

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