I Scream, You Scream– For Summer Ice Cream-Themed Toys!

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Summer is here and these are the cutest ice cream-themed toys for the littles! Let’s keep those kids busy with some summer activities with some super cute ice cream fun! We love anything ice cream-themed, and it’s all the rage this summer! A lot of these items would be a fun addition to an ice cream birthday party too!

This family loves ice cream. Harper, the three-year-old got this adorable ice cream cart at her ice cream birthday party. We use the Melissa and Doug Ice Cream Set, which has little magnets on the very top of the ice cream and the ice cream scoop so she can serve easily. I put a piece of wood under the fabric so it can hold the ice cream steady. We play ice cream shop for hours. We love eating ice cream and playing with ice cream-themed toys! Check it out and we hope you have a fantastic summer!

Our Favorite Toy Brand Ice Cream-Themed Toys!

1// Ice Cream Scoop Set 2// Ice Cream Shop Chalk Set 3// Scoop and Serve Ice Cream Counter

Ice cream-themed role play shop for kids

How cute is this ice cream tent for imaginative role play? Ice cream, Ice cream! Come and get it! It has a great price point too! Under $50!!

Ice Cream truck play tent for kids!

I have always dreamed of owning a light pink ice cream truck that looked friendly, with a big ice cream cone on top called “Aunt Jens Ice Cream.” We all have dreams 😉 This adorable ice cream truck tent will have to do. Harper Kennedy and I will have hours of fun this summer playing in it! Keep scrolling, there is an ice cream theme truck tent with a BBQ theme on the other side!

Ice Cream-Themed Crafts

1// Ice Cream Craft Kit 2// Ice Cream Mini Dollhouse Kit

How adorable is this sweet, mint green ice cream trolley? This would be really cute for an ice cream birthday party, then you can keep it to play with after!

Ice Cream Lego Builds

Four-foot-long food truck indoor or outdoor fabric tent playhouse with BBQ theme on one side and ice cream truck on the other side for hours of fun!

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