Revamp Your Night Routine for an Amazing Morning

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A calming night routine can help you sleep better. A nighttime routine also sets the mood for an excellent start to your day tomorrow. Therefore, it is essential to create an effective nightly ritual that will be relaxing and leave you refreshed in the morning and more productive during the next day. Here are some tips on creating a healthy night routine, so let us share some ideas with you!

Do a light prep for a successful morning: 

You can also use your night routine to make your morning routine easier. Getting things in order, even just a little bit, will help your morning be less chaotic.

  • Prep your coffee maker and set the timer. Nothing is better than waking up to a fresh pot of coffee already made.
  • Make your lunch
  • Organize your purse or bag. Put your bag, keys, etc., in one place, ready to go. 
  • Set out your morning workout clothes or work clothes 
  • Clean your kitchen 
  • Have the family do a 10-minute cleaning run-through. Everyone in the household for 10 minutes cleans, vacuums, takes trashes out, picks up toys, etc. You will be surprised how much gets done with a timer in 10 minutes. 

Take a hot shower or warm bath

A relaxing shower or bath with some calming music is the perfect way to start winding down at night and preparing your body for sleep. The heat from the water and steam will relax your muscles and open up those airways, which means you’ll be able to breathe easier as well!

As the day progresses in your sleep-wake cycle, your body will have different hormonal changes. Melatonin production is one of these, and it prepares you for sleep. However, your core body temperature will drop at the same time.

During a nighttime routine, taking a bath or hot shower can wash the day away while relaxing you for a good nights sleep

When you mimic the nighttime drop in body temperature with a warm bath or shower, it can trigger your body to react with a sleepy reaction. Therefore, take a warm bath or hot shower about an hour before bedtime. The sensation that will make you relaxed and tired is your body heating up and then cooling off.

Create a nighttime skincare routine 

Along with your bath or shower, create a night skincare routine and stick with it. Always, always wash your makeup off from the day, never leave your makeup on. It will dry your skin, cause breakouts from the dirt and product sitting in your pores, and makes your lashes brittle. If you do not wear makeup, always wash your face. 

Ideas to add to your night skincare routine: 

  • Lather up with a calming, lightly scented lotion such as lavender. Getting into your nicely made bed with nicely shaved legs is the best. These razors are the absoulte best, here!
  • Cleanse your skin to breathe through the night. Do not let the day stay on your face. 
  • Use a facial steamer to cleanse pores. 
  • Use a good lash serum for long and lush lashes. 
  • If you use a LED light mask, do so during your morning routine if possible. The light can cause stimulation. 
  • Add serums or anti-aging creams. Your skin does the most cell turnover while you sleep. 
  • Put hand lotion with anti-aging benefits or Bio-Oil for your cuticles next to your bed. Use it right before you go to sleep. 
  • Add a lip balm before falling asleep. 

Have some calming tea and a light nighttime snack

Having calming tea as a nightcap is a great way to relax at the end of your day. Try drinking some chamomile tea before you go to bed, as it can help soothe your body and calm any stress or anxiety that you might feel as you read or listen to a book, or connect with your family.  

For an extra boost (and everyone loves snacks), try having a light snack that will leave you feeling satisfied but not overly full for when it comes time to settle in. 

Examples of a light snack:

  • Tart cherries have been shown to help people sleep better and help produce melatonin naturally. 
  • A small cheese, apple, and cracker plate 
  • A sliver of cake with tea
  • A small bowl of antioxidant-rich berries 
  • An apple or banana with almond or peanut butter 
  • Light protein shakes or smoothies. If you work out, drinking a protein-based shake promotes muscle repair overnight. Make sure the protein is not a heavy protein that will make you restless at night.

Social distance with your phone and electronics

Yes, you heard me. Put your phone at least six feet away from you at bedtime and when you are ready to settle into bed. You will be less inclined to get up in the middle of the night, out of bed to look at it.

Turn the phone on silent and even put it in a different room than where you are sleeping. And as a bonus, when your alarm goes off in the morning, you have to get out of bed to turn the alarm off.

Remember, strong blue light is emitted by computers, smartphones, tablets, computers, and other electronic devices. The blue light floods your brain when you use these types of devices.

As a result, your brain thinks it’s daytime and will suppress melatonin production and try to stay awake, so it is best to pick a time every single night that you unplug and put away all your electronic devices. This is a very healthy habit in today’s world to master.

The Best Night Routine Habit-Read Before Bed

If you don’t read at night before you go to bed, you might want to give it a try. Since the point of a healthy nighttime routine is to unwind from the day’s activities, reading allows you to destress, disengage and relax from the day.

That’s why reading before bed is such a great idea; you can get your mind on something else and enjoy some quiet time. Choose a book that is inspirational, or find an entertaining book to get your mind off your life and into a story.

Reading is great idea for a night routine. Reading is good for your brain, relaxes you and turns off your thought process to your day while you engage in a story

Make a Set Bedtime

Before you go to sleep, your brain starts to wind down a couple of hours before bedtime. It’s part of your natural sleep-wake cycle to make it more effectively use your bedtime routine. Decide on when you’re going to bed and wake up and then stay with that schedule. Next, begin your nighttime routine each night from anytime between 30 minutes to 2 hours.

In conclusion, A nightly routine should be a part of your life if you want to sleep better and have an excellent start to the next day.

These habits must be practiced and leave you feeling relaxed so tomorrow can be productive, too! If you need some help creating a nighttime routine for yourself, we are here to share our tips on creating one successfully. The key is finding a night routine that works best for you!

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