How to Prevent & Avoid Stretch Marks During Pregnancy! It Works!

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I am a mom of five kids and have had five pregnancies. Each pregnancy was different, and I gained different amounts with each. I, however, found out how to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy!

In my first two pregnancies, I gained 30-pounds. I snapped right back into shape. As much as women hate to hear this, gaining the recommended amount not only makes it easier to get back into shape but also helps prevent stretch marks from rapid weight gain.

I get it, though; we are hungry when pregnant.

Do this method on how to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy.

In my fourth pregnancy with my son, I gained 55 pounds and gave birth to an almost ten-pound baby, four weeks early! BUT I do not have one single stretch mark.

In my fifth pregnancy, I was much older, I had just turned 35, and your skin doesn’t snap back as well as it does in your 20s or early 30s. However, mine did, and I swear by my way of preventing pregnancy stretch marks.

I did not get one stretch mark before, during, or after my pregnancies because I took these steps to prep my skin.

I want to preface that every woman is different. We all have different skin, elasticity, genetics, and body types, and we are all predisposed to certain conditions like stretch marks. Still, we can do things to take extra care, even to reduce the look or appearance of these little skin imperfections.

My friend who got stretch marks started using these products, and hers have faded significantly without lasers.

What are Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are markings that can occur on the skin after it has been stretched or pulled. They are often seen during pregnancy, as the skin stretches to accommodate the growing baby. However, anyone can get stretch marks.

The collagen fibers break down when the skin is stretched beyond its normal capacity, causing characteristic markings.

Stretch marks are not harmful and do not typically cause any medical problems. However, some people may find them cosmetically unappealing.

So How Do You Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy?

If you find out you are pregnant, start doing this skincare routine immediately. Do not wait until your belly is large, your booty has expanded, and your boobs are as big as your head.

We are going to cover the areas you are prone to stretch marks which are generally boobs, butt, belly, and sometimes thighs. You will expand in places you never thought.

Ok, the secret?

Bio-oil and Palmers Cocoa Butter (the stretch mark formula) combined and mixed helped me completely avoid stretch marks during pregnancy. Sometimes Bio-Oil alone for extra hydration or areas you need extra prevention.

BUT, it’s how and when you do it.

Bio-Oil ( I believe) is a miracle product, not just to prevent or fade stretch marks. I have found this is the holy $8 grail:

  • Bio-Oil conditions and hydrates dehydrated skin, including your face. I have the world’s most acne-prone, red, angry skin. Bio-Oil helps and does not make me break out.
  • It’s a great makeup remover to get the extra gunk off your skin at night
  • Add a drop or two to your night creams or serums.
  • Bio-Oil is an excellent eyelash conditioner; my eyelashes grow so long when I clean my mascara off with it.
  • I add Bio-Oil to my body and face wash to hydrate my skin
  • Bio-Oil helps heal a sunburn
  • It’s a great conditioner for baby cradle cap or to remove the cradle cap.
  • Bio-Oil is a fantastic cuticle oil and to mix in your hand lotion
  • Helps with aging skin
  • Fades scars
  • And it prevents and fades stretch marks during pregnancy.

Using Bio-Oil during pregnancy can prevent stretch marks.


Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy-Step Two

Now you can combine Palmers plus Bio-Oil, but there is a way to optimize its benefits of prevention.

  1. Start the Palmers and Bio-Oil creams immediately when you find out you are pregnant or as soon as you read this. This starts to prep your skin for stretching and makes it soft and supple.
  2. Shower every night and right after your shower, apply generous amounts of Palmers Cocoa Butter and Bio-Oil to your tummy, booty, boobs, and butt. Massage it thoroughly. It’s a pain, not the best scent, and it takes a long time to dry on your skin, but it’s a real pain getting stretch marks to fade.
  3. I used a few pumps of Palmers and several drops of Bio-OIl.
  4. Every other night exfoliate your stretch mark-prone areas with a body buff or loofah. Get the dead skin and product built off of your skin. This helps the products seep into your pores better.
  5. Try to do this routine every day until you have your baby. AND continue a couple of months after the baby, especially on your breasts. Even if you do not breastfeed, they will swell so large and so fast; this is when stretch marks appear.

I feel my skin snapped back because I used both products. I do not have loose skin from pregnancy, especially on my belly and had more elasticity. It just works.

Get everything you need to avoid stretch marks kit here

I hope you give this a try; it can be tedious every night, but if you want to prevent pregnancy stretch marks, do not wait to start. Your belly overnight will pop and expand. It is wild how fast it happens. Get your skin supple and elastic BEFORE that happens!

Have a healthy, happy (stretch mark-free) pregnancy!

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