Raddish Cooking Club For Kids-Our Review!

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My kids cooking with Raddish Cooking Club For Kids!

Recently, my kids and I joined Raddish Cooking Club for Kids! This family loves to bake; we try* to cook. One thing as a mom I try very hard to do is to make special memories. I try to remind my kids that making memories, taking pictures, going on trips is more important than buying “stuff” or having expensive cars or clothes.

One way I bond and make memories is by cooking with my kids. Cooking and baking with my kids is one of my favorite ways to make a fun memory. Sometimes I do a one-on-one with each of them because they are six years apart.

Cooking with a toddler vs. cooking with your older kids can get hectic, lol. I cook separately with my toddler; you can check our post on the best cookbooks for kids and toddlers, with easy and simple recipes. Plus, they learn different skills.

Cooking with kids has so many benefits for their growth, that's why we tried Raddish Cooking Subscription for Kids!

Cooking and baking with kids have so many educational benefits too. They learn to love different foods; they try different foods because they made them. They are proud to try something they made.

Join the Club!

We joined the monthly subscription with Raddish, so we could cancel anytime if we needed to. You can pay upfront a six-month membership or year membership and get a discount. It is more cost-efficient for me to join monthly and pay smaller membership increments.

You can also purchase vintage kits at a discount. I also chose the sibling bundle to get a badge for their aprons and a culinary tool Raddish will send each box.

Receive Your Raddish Cooking Club Kit!

Kids love getting packages in the mail. Raddish sends them a new culinary adventure/theme each month with a new culinary tool, three recipes, and badges (like Girl or Boy Scouts) for their aprons. You can iron on the patch to their aprons when they complete the recipes for the box. It gives them a little goal to accomplish while learning and having fun.

Raddish will also email you the ingredients needed for your kit before it ships so your kids can get cooking right when it arrives!

Each kit includes:

  • Three recipes laminated, illustrated, and clear step-by-step guides for kids to follow
  • A quality cooking tool
  • A creative kitchen, a craft, experiment, or a food game for family table fun after cooking
  • A monthly collectable of Table Talk conversations starters and a colorful badge
  • Three laminated Culinary Skill Lessons. Expert guided to teach your kids while cooking food safety to develop safe and smart kitchen techniques
  • a complete grocery list and recommended dietary substitutes if needed
Raddish Cooking Club For Kids table talk cards and fun badges kids can earn while cooking!

Start Cooking!

I started our first box with both my 3-year old and my 9-year old. Three years is too little. Raddish’s recommended age is 4-14, which I agree with. I try to do one-on-one with the kids. As I said, they are too far apart in age. So our second Raddish box, my son, Aj, and I got to spend some quality time together while my oldest watched the toddler. She tends to take over everything anyway 🙂

Toddlers can join in on the cooking fun, the Raddish Cooking Club recipes are a little advanced.

Pros of Raddish Cooking Club For Kids

Getting a colorful, full-of-fun box each month is exciting. Both girls and boys love getting a monthly box full of exciting things to learn. Everything in the box is so well made, the instructions are so clear for kids to read and follow. I suggest staying around with them if they are not used to cooking or baking.

Raddish Cooking Club creates a fun kit arriving each month for your child to look forward to. The kit is very organized and well put together. The kit allows your child to get involved completely in the kitchen with simple, kid-friendly recipes.

My son, at one point, wanted to do an entire recipe from start to finish by himself. While I shopped at the store, I allowed him to get his ingredients, set them all up in the kitchen, get the necessary tools, turn the oven on, and have at it.

He did a fantastic job and was beaming with self-confidence when he finished! And he had never had meatloaf before and ate a good portion!

Cooking with Kids! The Raddish Cooking Subscription is fun to get in the mail for kids and they make their own creations

Cons of Raddish Cooking Club For Kids

We love receiving a kit each month. The only thing I would say is the ingredients lists are sometimes very long. Most of the ingredients I have on hand.

One box we received was Italian-themed, and we had to make the ravioli dough from scratch. It was a little difficult. For my nine-year-old, it was too difficult, but for older children, it is an awesome item to learn to cook from scratch!

Join Raddish Cooking Club For Kids–Make Those Memories With Your Kids

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