Spring Picnic: Create an Experience!

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Spring has sprung, and the urge comes to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather. What better way to do that than by having a picnic? A spring picnic is a perfect way to celebrate the season and spend time with family and friends.

We feel a picnic should be an experience with a touch of nostalgia. Here are some tips to help make your picnic a success!

Spring Picnic: Create the perfect one!

Find the Perfect Spring Picnic Location

The first step to having a great spring picnic is finding the perfect location. Springtime brings with it beautiful weather, so you’ll want to find a spot that takes advantage of the sunshine and warmer temperatures.

If you’re lucky enough to live near a park or green space, that’s the perfect place to set up your picnic.

Additionally, a beautiful hill, lake, the beach, or you may think outside the box and have an urban picnic!

The Perfect Picnic Basket

A picnic basket is the centerpiece of your spring picnic. Your spring picnic theme can be simple yet elegant or you can grab a backpack picnic for a rugged picnic after you hike.

The picnic basket is the centerpiece of your spring picnic. Find a picnic basket that matches your personality, how many people will be joining your picnic, and one that will last a long time because summer and fall picnics are right around the corner.

  • Classic Picnic Baskets. You may choose a picnic basket with all the fancy bells and whistles if you will make your spring picnic an experience. Or a simple wicker basket will do. Wicker picnic baskets bring an element of a nostalgic vintage vibe. You can purchase wicker baskets fully loaded with everything you need for picnic season.
  • A backpack picnic. Backpack picnics are stylish, convenient, and easy to carry, especially hiking or taking a long walk to your picnic destination. These backpack picnics have everything you need: premium picnic accessories, including flatware, plates, cheese boards, cheese knives, salt and pepper shakers, picnic wine glasses, and wine openers, all packed into one insulated picnic backpack.
  • An Insulated tote. These totes carry plenty of spring picnic foods, wines, and cold drinks. These totes are versatile and can be used for various things like groceries, keeping foods cold by the pool, camping, traveling, and tailgating.
  • A hard container cooler for long-lasting for larger picnics, tailgating, camping, and parties. These coolers come in personal sizes all the way to extra-large sizes.

Spring Picnic Ideas

Picnics on Instagram have become over the top, exquisite and elaborate. These picnics are most definitely beautiful. You can have a traditional, simple picnic or spruce it up a bit for an aesthetic picnic. You can even have a picnic theme for spring.

Here are some spring picnic ideas:

  • If you are having a traditional spring picnic or picnic BBQ, find a fun, light-colored picnic blanket or grab an old sheet or blanket at the house. The red or blue & white checkered picnic blanket also gives off a vintage picnic vibe. Simple, easy, picnic blankets roll up into a perfect roll for easy storage and can double as a beach blanket. You may even opt for a lightweight aluminum picnic table.
  • Make your picnic chic with some beautiful flowers for your picnic setup, pink cherry blossoms, daisies, or tulips to scatter with the blanket or in a plastic vase. Some pretty, delicate plates and serve ware. Create a spring picnic menu with small cupcakes, bite-sized desserts, and a cheese board with wine picnic glasses.
  • A boho picnic with cream blankets, inexpensive Mandala floor pillow cushions, bamboo ware, dried pampas, eucalyptus garland, wooden beads, and a lace teepee.
  • A burst of color spring picnic theme. Since it’s a spring picnic, pinks, purples, and light blues would be a beautiful picnic touch. Add colorful spring flowers, pillows, blankets, and matching plates and flatware to your area. Even if you head to HomeGoods, Dollar Store, or Target for inexpensive items, a burst of spring color would be beautiful.

Spring Picnic Food

Spring Picnic Food should be light, simple, and delicious.

Now, for the best part of the picnic, the food. You can make your spring picnic menu as simple or elaborate as possible.

  • The classic picnic. Make regular sandwiches and make them extra special by wrapping them in deli sheets and tying them with twine or ribbon.
  • Baguette sandwiches are always a picnic classic. Make traditional turkey, ham, and cheese. Make mozzarella, tomato, and basil baguettes.
  • Fresh green salads with cold chicken, potato salads, pasta salads, and fresh veggies with dips like hummus or ranch.
  • Fruit, including watermelon slices, cherries, blueberries, blackberries, and strawberries. You could make little fruit cups or frozen fruits.
  • Create a cheese board with artisanal cheese, fruits, pickles, and loaves of bread, crackers to go along with your board.
  • A picnic charcuterie board with cheese, olives, fruit, veggies, meats served with croissants, baguettes, and crackers.
  • Treat trays with small cupcakes, petit fours, a variety of bite-sized cookies, licorice for snacking, nuts, pretzels..
  • Pies or hand pies.
  • Bring along your favorite wines, sparkling waters, and sodas for beverages. Wine can also be stored in a portable wine tote that is convenient and discreet.

Spring Picnic Games & Activities

There’s something about the fresh air, the sunshine, and spending time with friends and family that makes picnics so enjoyable. Spring picnics are delightful because of the mild weather, and everything is green and blooming.

If you want to add some games and activities to your picnic, especially if you are having a picnic with kids and lots of families, here are some ideas:

  • One of the most classic picnic games. Tag is a great option for a spring picnic game. All you need is an open space and at least two people. One person is “it” and tries to tag the other players. Once someone is tagged, they become “it.”
  • Bubbles are always fun for kids outdoors. Grab some bubble wands and regular tubes of bubbles.
  • Potato Sack Races. This game is perfect for a group of four or more people. Players put on the sack and race to the finish line. The first person to cross the finish line wins! You’ll need two potato sacks (or pillowcases) and two markers to designate the start and finish lines.
  • Giant Jenga is a fun picnic activity for family and friends
  • Water Balloon Toss. This game is a great way to cool off on a hot day. You’ll need two people and at least one water balloon. The game’s object is to toss the balloon back and forth without dropping it. If you drop the balloon, you’re out! The last person standing wins.
  • Hula Hoops
  • Cornhole or bean bag toss is a great, competitive game, and it’s addicting. Adults love it.
  • A simple frisbee will bring hours of fun to your picnic
  • Or simply reading books and magazines for a quiet afternoon picnic.

Spring Picnic Outfit

A spring picnic outfit isn’t necessary, but light, airy tops, dresses, and skirts could make your picnic special and an experience. Here are a few spring outfit ideas, all come in several colors, affordable and are highly rated!

  1. Square Neck Top 2. Petal Sleeve Top 3. Puff Sleeve Spring Sweater 4. Bohemian Flutter Sleeve 5. A-Line Spring Boho 6. Floral Wrap Dress 7. Off-Shoulder Slipt A-Line

Happy Spring!

Spring is in the air, and that means it’s time for picnics! Get outside and enjoy the warmer weather with your friends and family. Pack a delicious spread of food and drinks, find a shady spot to relax, and spend quality time together. Happy Spring and Pickniking!

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