Starting a Blog is Hard. Debunking the Myths of Blogging.

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This is a light-hearted, but informative post on starting a blog but being realistic. There is a lot of clickbait out there on blogging. My intention is not to discourage you from starting a blog, this is a release of my frustrations with the myths and lies out there about starting a blog 🙂

Recently, I was reading a blog post about someone who made $3878 during their first three months of blogging.

Wow. Sign me up!

I had been blogging for a few months and was slightly educated on certain affiliate programs and how sponsored posts work. In her post, she said she made $2572.73 from ads income from Mediavine and $1263.96 from affiliate income during her first three months of blogging. And at the end, she stated WITH NO EXPERIENCE!

Really? Reeeeaaaallly?

I know currently, Mediavine you’ll need 50,000 views a month to even be considered in their program. Therefore, unless she is freaking awesome at being a blogger and got that many organic views in three months and Google really thought her site was something else, that is impossible and harmful to those seeking to become full-time bloggers.

This is not real. It’s clickbait and not cool. Just for Google to index your site, it takes about six months. It’s called the “Google Sandbox.”

If she did earn this, ok, cool. That is why we all want to start a blog, but just incredibly unrealistic.

One of the biggest blogging myths is that you start a blog and make money right away. No. Sir, that is a big blogging mistake you need to avoid to save yourself some expectations.

In my first five months of blogging my constant thoughts were, “when the hell did everyone become writers? Content creators? Videographers? Graphic designers? Photographers? All-in-one?

And have done it so well making $10k on their blogs?

Their kids and themselves dressed to the nine, their house perfectly decorated, a gourmet Hello Fresh meal made every night while maintaining 747,345 Instagram followers?

Not only that, but their blogs are also perfect, written so well, not a mistake to be found, their pins on Pinterest look like a graphic designer did them (but now I know that they use this design app), and here I am sucking at blogging?


My self-esteem has taken a big hit. I even consider myself a slightly funny, well-educated, creative person. Well, that gets you nowhere blogging. It is way more than a lot of bloggers lead you to believe.

Blogging is a learning curve, a very large learning curve. I would categorize learning how to blog and do it properly as the same amount of education as a university.

I have made so many mistakes in my blogging journey and did not realize what it really takes. I am not writing this to discourage you by any means from starting a blog. It is a mere heads-up.

Just whatever you do, learn SEO first. FIRST! That was my biggest mistake. Until I took this course, I didn’t get any pageviews for about a year. A YEAR!! I am kind of shocked I stuck around.

The thing is, two and a half years in, I am finally getting a bit of traction, I am at 7K pageviews a month and I still have a large amount of learning when it comes to SEO and blogging. It’s actually never ending and I swear I learn something every day.

Everyone wants to paint a pretty picture of blogging; I am writing from experience and there is a real ugly side to blogging that no one talks about or wants to admit. Like making .32 cents my first five months.

AND, the only reason I made .32 cents is that I upgraded a plan of an affiliate link I recommended, and accidentally made the .32 cents from myself!! This is a transparent, real-life blogging journey from someone who kind of sucks at it. I am here to be real with you.

Starting a Blog and Making Money is Hard.

I joined a Facebook Group for new bloggers just starting a blog. The main question always being, “will I make money?”

No, you will not make thousands of dollars your first months, even your first year, or maybe even years.

If you suck, you suck. I made .32 cents in my first five months. That is it. But wait, I did not know my butt from my elbow. I still kind of do not in blogging.

Not granted, there are people that have struck the blogging jackpot by working insane hours, taking courses, are privy in SEO, website savvy and they do well right off the bat. Some people are simply good, creative, and skilled.

Me? Not so much.

I started from the very beginning. From scratch. I never even had a social media platform ever in my life. I am old but not that old. I am from the age group in the rise of social media and never wanted to have one.

I had limited computer skills let alone build a website from scratch; I only knew how to pin stupid jokes and memes to Pinterest.

I also should mention, that I only have used affiliate links in my posts, no ads, no sponsor posts, and I do not sell a course or a product.

I also take years to get one post out, but I am getting better, so hopefully since I have gained a little footing and knowledge, I won’t suck as bad, hopefully. There is no guarantee I will make even a real dime from all my hard work.

I cringe when bloggers say make 1K, 2k, 3K, in your first month of blogging. If it were that easy, wouldn’t everyone be a blogger?

If it were that easy to pop up a website, write and pin and make 10k, wouldn’t everybody do that? It’s hard, dedicated work.

It is grit, grind, skill, and passion. Even then there is no guarantee of even a dollar, let alone thousands.

Start a Blog for Free-Um, No

Blogging is not free, not even close to free if you want to be successful. Yes, you can very much pop up a website for $2.95 a month. There are so many things you need to be successful than just your website.

This will be a business; it is your business.

Ever heard of the saying, “if you want to make money, you have to spend money?” This applies to blogging.

In my first five months, I spent (but learned some hard lessons) probably $2000 on my blog. Just to put legal pages on your blog which is a completely necessary task–costs money. I would say on the safe side, for your blog for the first three months, be prepared to spend at least $500 on memberships, equipment, plugins, themes, etc.

There is a learning curve and you will make big mistakes, promise

You become a creator, writer, marketer, social media manager, editor, and even a graphic designer. Again, there is a MASSIVE learning curve. You will not just pop your website up and start to write and the readers will come. “If you build it, they will come,” does not apply to blogging for the main part.

When starting a blog, you must first learn how to put together a website, customize it, and build your website unless you have the money for someone to do it for you. Even if you do, you must learn the ins and outs of your website.

Adding pictures, affiliate links, applying to affiliate merchants, taking photos, learning algorithms, and the big one—learning SEO.

I am just learning SEO. I know the very basics, but holy cow there is a lot to it.

When I started my blog I was met with a whole new vocabulary. It was like a foreign language. I had no idea what a widget or plugin was. It took me at least three months just to learn the basic lingo of blogging. I still struggle, I literally learn something new every day and have many ah-ha moments.

You must learn to become a mini graphic designer to design pins for Pinterest and configure photos on your blog. Speaking of photos! You must learn the basics of good photography because everything on Pinterest is VISUAL, as is Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and Facebook.

Visually pleasing content equals better blog and traffic! I thought I was “ok” at this, turns out, photography basics of it, I need to learn. Humans have a 3-second attention span in this world, get prepared for that.

Blogging is Not Part-time Work.

I owned a 24,000 square-foot gym with 26 employees, a rent of 31k a month, a payroll of 21k a month, and 4900 members, and I have put more time into blogging. Swear. Maybe because I did have to overcome (and still overcoming) a massive learning curve.

Regardless, no, it’s not easy and no you will not work 2 hours a week and be successful. The other day, I literally took two hours on my blog trying how to put a certain photo in and make one next to it the same size. Today, it took me 45 minutes just how to figure out how to add a gif. Eye roll.

Blogging is HARD WORK. No, you will not work four hours a week and make a grip load of money. It is way harder than actual great bloggers give themselves credit for. It is flipping hard. Blogging part-time is possible, but you will be working past the kids going to bed, getting up early to work on it. If you work, it will be your second shift. When I was getting nowhere, I started putting in 10-hour days and still was making no money.

Blogging is A LOT of time.

You must write great content articles for your blog. Make Pinterest pins, market your blog posts, tend to social media, build tribes, oy-vey. When you are learning to blog, no, two hours while sitting on a beach will not cut it. I honestly do not see how that is even possible.

To write one article, let’s say 1000 words, for me it takes me two hours minimum. That is a small article. Sometimes it takes me much longer to get my thoughts in order and onto paper. Once you are done with creating your post, there are hours behind that. Marketing, pins for Pinterest, grammar checks, researching keywords for SEO, photos, adding to social media, linking affiliate links, and checking them. It takes hours upon hours especially if you don’t know what you are doing from the beginning.

Your traffic will make you want to quit, and your self-esteem will plummet.

Many, many days I checked my analytics, and zero, ZERO people read my blog. There are 7.674 BILLION people in the world, and I cannot get ONE PERSON TO READ MY CAREFULLY CRAFTED BLOG POST!? Just ONE person to read my blog let alone build an email list? Talk about taking a self-esteem hit. My sister so nicely subscribed to my old website’s email list. That is it.

Until I started learning SEO, and using Yoast premium (more money to spend) on my WordPress Website, I did not start to see organic traffic. Crickets.

Learning SEO is like playing a game with Google, you need the skill, right words, and education to win or almost win. If you do not learn just the basics of SEO, your blog will never work. It is a cold hard fact.

As I said, I am not here at all to shun you away from blogging. I enjoy it. Am I rich from it? No. Am I making enough to quit my job? Absolutely not, not even close. I am still here and learning a great deal. I will keep going because it is a learning curve and if you give up before then, you’ll never know if it were actually possible to make that kind of money and quit your job.

Give it a year, and learn all you can. Think of your blog as your business, it’s not going to run free, nor only cost $2.95 a month. You will need tools, and resources that you will need to spend money on so do not let anyone tell you it’s cheap or free.

I wish you the best in your blogging journey and prove me wrong! Kill it and makes thousands of dollars, and when you do, send me a picture of you on the beach ????

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