Summer Activities For Kids!

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I always say you have 18 summers to make really great memories with your kids. I think making memories is so important. Summer is almost here (or is here), and finding summer activities for kids to get bored is hard!

I would show your kids this list, let them pick a few of the summer activities listed to complete throughout the summer! It gives them little goals, they have fun, and you create fun memories with your kids. Make sure you participate in some fun summer activities and make those memories!

  1. Color or paint an indoor cardboard castle
  2. Do a wooden playhouse hack for indoors or outdoors
  3. Join Raddish Cooking Club
  4. Make an indoor sandbox for the sweltering days
  5. Make puffy sidewalk paint
  6. Make root beer floats
  7. Do a sidewalk chalk photoshoot and make it a goal to nail one of these…
  8. Get an old-fashioned picnic basket and have an old-fashioned picnic
  9. Bake cookies or muffin or the local police or firefighters
  10. Visit a library (yes, they still exist 😉
  11. If you have a toddler, a water table 🙂 they play for HOURS with these
  12. Also, this is the best toy I have bought for my toddler in a long time
  13. Make a time capsule
  14. Make smoothies (this is our family’s favorite recipe)
  15. Build a fort and have a movie night in it
  16. Make and create garden stepping stones
  17. Paint colorful rocks and hide them around your neighborhood for others to find
  18. Create a painting studio with ceramics, canvas, and paint stands
  19. Do a frozen dinosaur dig
  20. Make homemade popsicles
  21. Have family reading time
  22. Do Five Minute Journaling as a family and create a lesson of gratitude
  23. Create a scavenger hunt around the house or in the neighborhood
  24. Indoor laser beams using thin red string and removable tape
  25. Have a nerf war, have tons of nerf bullets and face shield
  26. Let your kids take pictures all through the summer and at the end…
  27. Make a summer scrapbook.
  28. Play the floor is lava, put blankets, towels, objects to avoid lava
  29. Join Baktivity
  30. Host a block party for your block, so your kids have a sense of community.
  31. Try new recipes (we have some good cookbooks)
  32. Have a family water balloon fight. Fill 5-gallon buckets with water, get a whole bunch of water balloons, get some water guns, create “zones” and “boundaries” outside, and have at it. Make sure you clean up the balloons so your neighbors don’t get mad. ????

Other Activities to Keep Those Kids Busy:

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