The Best Co-Parenting Apps-A Simple Guide

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Co-parenting can be difficult, but it is not impossible! One way to make the process easier is by using a co-parenting app. Using an app allows you and your child’s other parent to create boundaries for yourselves, communicate clearly with one another about parenting plans each of you has in place or are trying out, write down any exchanges that have happened between children and parents, as well as expenses related to raising kids.

Co-Parenting can be complicated if there were never good feelings present during the relationship when they broke up; however, this does not mean it cannot work again after learning more about how their ex operates around them now that they live separately from their partner and family members who also live at home.

The Best Co-Parenting Apps for happy, healthy relationships. Co-parenting with a narcissist, apps are especially helpful for boundaries

A co-parenting app helps you and your ex, whether amicable or not, keep everything that has to do with parenting your child open, organized, and in order. 

Co-parenting apps also work as a fantastic boundary between you and your difficult ex. A co-parenting app is a specific place to communicate instead of texting and emails—a way to document everything for court purposes. Nothing can be altered or deleted and is entirely secure. 

The Best All-Around Co-parenting App

Our Family Wizard Co-Parenting App. 

I use this with my co-parent that I have a more challenging relationship. This is my number one co-parenting app to use for parents to streamline your communication with your co-parent. You can do everything that has to do with your child on this app, especially if you have a difficult ex. This co-parenting app is designed to reduce miscommunications, stress and ease co-parenting tension of managing co-parenting plans in separate households (source, Our Family Wizard).

You can uncomplicate your communication with your co-parent with:

  • A Shared Calendar. Track your parenting schedule, share appointment details, and submit requests for changes in parenting time that will make the family more manageable. Learn how to maintain an open dialogue and co-parent without worry using the Our Family Wizard Co-Parenting App.
  • Secure Messaging. Unlike traditional email or texting, Our Family Wizard messaging creates a secure platform for communication between parents. Plus, ToneMeter™ can help to ensure that your communication stays positive and productive! In addition, the correspondence cannot be deleted or altered.
  • Journal. With the Our Family Wizard, you can document memories of your child, observations, or last-minute changes with your co-parent. Do you have a narcissist ex or a problematic ex that makes up lies? With this feature, you can journal your check-ins to specific locations, times and events. This is important if you are in court defending yourself. Then, you will have concrete proof, and the information is secure and cannot be erased.
  • Expense Log. Track your shared parenting expenses, submit receipts for payment and keep accurate co-parenting expenses. Avoid financial conflict within an accurate and complete expense log. You can even accept payments through the OFW co-parenting app.
  • A Complete Information Bank. Upload immunizations records, medical histories, school records, emergency contacts, school schedules, and more. No more searching for the documents when you need them.

The Best Free Co-parenting App


The best thing about this co-parenting app is that it is free. Cozi is a modern family calendar that can be shared with your co-parent or other family members. Set reminders to track playdates, game days, homework assignments, doctors and dentist appointments. With Cozi, you can share calendars and to-do lists with your co-parent so you can share anything and everything about raising your child. 

The Best App to Support your Co-Parenting Journey


Fayr is an app built to encourage constructive collaboration between co-parents sharing custody of their children. Fayr is designed to make the process easier and more efficient for everyone involved. You can use Fayr to document, schedule, and manage your child’s care, as well as communicate with your ex about everything from finances to school schedules. Co-parenting doesn’t have to be difficult anymore!

In addition, if you are co-parenting with a difficult ex and finding yourself in court constantly, Fary tracks custody days, text receipts, geo-tracking for tracking your location and time during exchanges. Expenses can also be tracked through Fayr for easy payments, child expenses, paid and not paid. All documents within the Fayr app can be exported for legal reasons, time and date stamped. When you are co-parenting with a narcissist or a toxic ex, you should document everything, and this app does it.

Why is Fayr different?  At Fayr, it’s not just about efficiency and ease.  Fary also helps you create a better co-parenting experience by providing tools for constructive communication, argument diffusion, and emotional support (source, Fayr, 2021).

The App That Helps All Parents


WeParent is a mobile app that helps all parents – but especially, divorced and separated co-parents. It gives you the peace of mind to know where your kids are at any given moment; it makes communicating schedules with their other parents easy, so there’s no more confusion or fighting over pick ups from school and events like doctor appointments; it lets you share lists, contacts, and documents.

Best Budget Co-parenting App


Managing children’s schedules has become more complicated as they grow; scheduling, communication can be more complicated in two households. Plus, you can pay a monthly fee instead of a whole month up-front.

Parentship is a platform that aims to make family life easier. With Parentship, you can communicate with less friction and keep track of important records for your child’s care, from their custody schedule to expenses or even documents like birth certificates. Parentiship is not just for co-parents; relative-led care, stepfamilies, commuter families, joint custody, and cohabitating families all could benefit from this app.


Co-parenting apps are worth considering and the money to ease stress and streamline communication in your co-parenting journey. Co-parenting can be complicated and even more challenging if you are dealing with a toxic ex.

Co-parenting apps allow parents to create a better co-parenting situation-create a boundary, communicate clearly, write out parenting schedules, document exchanges, and pick-ups and keep track of child-related expenses. 

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