Best Eyelash Serum 2022- For Full & Long Natural Lashes

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The best eyelash serums for long and full lashes without extensions or falsies, or take care of your natural lashes with this eyelash serum and this conditioner under your extensions and falsies!

I get asked about my lashes all the time. I have tried every eyelash serum, mascara, lash conditioner on the planet. Even expensive lash growth serums like Latisse, which, while making your lashes long, I felt it made my lashes long and “wiry” looking.

Some eyelashes would be awkwardly long. The shed of the lash cycle felt like I was losing more lashes than I was gaining. Let’s be honest; most of us cannot pay to keep up with lashes like that. It is too expensive.

This is the best eyelash serum for LONG and FULL lashes.

I feel I have found the best eyelash serum and conditioning oil for caring for my lashes. I think I found the best lash enhancing serum that makes my lashes both LONG and FULL. Many eyelash growth serums on the market make lashes LONG, not necessarily FULL.

My lashes are long, and they are full. I do not have the money or time to get extensions, and only the best can do fabulous falsies, and I personally cannot.

Here is how I care for my lashes. They have lost their young vibe a bit older, and I have very light eyelashes in general. I found a way to make them healthy, strong, lush, and long.

Remember, You must take care of your eyelashes. Always, always wash your makeup off after the day is over. Never leave anything on your lashes when you sleep, especially mascara. Make sure the area is clean to add the lash serum. To have beautiful lashes, you must also take care of your eye area.

Step One to Beautiful Long Lashes.

When washing off your makeup and eye makeup, always let water get a ton of the mascara and eye makeup off first. Never rub your eyes. I have never used makeup remover; I never rub with cotton balls, wash clothes, etc.

My mama told me this, and her lashes at 65 are outstanding. Let the water do a good amount of work on your makeup first.

Beauty products that have excellent reviews and have stood the test of time!

Step Two-Cleansing Your Lashes

I always have, always, for 30 years now I have used Dove Soap Sensitive to clean my makeup off and cleanse my face. If you have sensitive skin breakouts, this soap is the holy grail of cleansers, face, and body. It’s a one-quarter moisturizer, so it helps a ton.

I first lather Dove, lightly went over the makeup on my eyes. Rinse. Eyelash growth serums will not work if makeup or gunk blocks the product from sinking in!

Step Three-Conditioning Your Lashes

I believe this little miracle of a product, Bio-Oil is why my lashes are long. This product is also why I do not have any stretch marks from having five kids. Mix a Bio-Oil with Palmers and no stretch marks. It even fades them.

Bio-Oil is an all-around great product that I highly recommend for many different uses. This product is one of my favorites for many different things, stretch marks, healing, dry skin, and lash cleanser. I even use a few drops in my cleanser to wash my makeup off.

I believe Bio-Oil is my top three favorite products of all time, the combination of this product and my subsequent introduction below is why my lashes are long and full as they are.

While your lashes are wet, dab a couple of drops of Bio-Oil on your lashes and get all the leftover makeup off. Lather again with dove, so your lashes are not oily. It’s a three-step cleanse.

Step Four-The Best Eyelash Serum

Pat Dry. Use This Eyelash Growth Serum at night. I sometimes put a little on in the morning, too, while having coffee. I have not found a better eyelash serum at such an affordable price that works better.

I have tried them all from Latisse to Grand Lash to Dime. Those all burn my eyelids due to sensitive skin, and one can possibly damage your eye color. This is my favorite, and in about a month of continuous use, you will see results. I feel with the combination with the Bio-Oil, it’s a home run.

Step Five-Choosing Your Mascara

Mascara. I believe large companies such as Cover Girl, Maybelline, Elf, etc., create just as good products as expensive ones because they have the money and research to produce a great product at a high volume.

Now, my lashes are super blonde. I do use a lot of mascara, and it is just my thing. It has taken me 20 years, and I have it perfected.

I have tried countless mascaras, and this one is my very favorite, and it is cheap! It works just as well as $25 mascaras, if not better. Cover Girl Lash Exact in Very Black. This mascara, however, I have found hard to find.

Walmart generally carries all these products. My Second favorite mascara is CoverGirl Remarkable Lash.

Follow these steps, and you will have beautiful, natural lashes without having to spend a fortune on extensions or worrying about your eyelashes falling or moving from falsies! This serum is the best, mixed with Bio-Oil’s nourishment when cleansing. Take care of your eye area, and you’ll thank yourself later in life!

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