The FRIENDS Experience-The One In New York City! Review!

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We went to Warner Bros and SuperFly X’s, The FRIENDS Experience-The One In New York. And OH. MY. GAWD was it good!! This is a must-do for things to do in New York City if you are visiting- before this experience is gone!

New York City partially reopened April 1, 2021, from the Covid pandemic, I booked my flights to New York City, April 2, 2021. I missed my city which makes me feel alive. At the time my daughter, niece and I made the trip to New York City in May 2021, New York City was partially open, strict about masks and restaurants were at 25% occupancy.

Friends the Experience, the One in New York City was one of the best things to do in NYC. It was one of the best experiences if you love Friends and well worth the price

With all the excitement surrounding HBOMax’s highly anticipated Friends Reunion (see trailer), this was absolutely the perfect timing for the show. I had seen on Instagram, The FRIENDS Experience- The one in New York City. The tickets were a bit pricey (for me), and I hesitated to purchase them for a bit. As each day went on, the tickets kept getting scarcer, so I made the plunge. I was worried this experience would be corny and not worth the money. Could I BE any more wrong?!! (If you know, you know, lol)

You can purchase tickets here from SuperFly X. The flagship show is in New York City, and the others currently as I write this, Atlanta and Chicago. I hope the travel across the entire United States so you can experience it if you are a Friends fan 😉

I, like many people, have been a fan of Friends the TV show for the longest time. I was in about junior high when the show came out and back then we watched the show at 8:30 pm on Thursday or we missed it. No TIVO, or streaming. Old fashioned gather around the TV.

I have probably watched each episode of Friends at least 8 times each. At least. My kids love the show, we have a Hugsy we fight over and even the baby takes her best naps to Friends. I do not think watching Friends will ever get old. It is a classic, the show still funny and makes me and my family laugh.

We are in Joeys apartment!

Created by Warner Bros. and Superfly X production company, The FRIENDS Experience-The One in New York City is an interactive celebration of the iconic TV Show, and it was absolutely amazing.


From the beginning of the experience, it is exciting. I do not want to give away too much, because the beginning was awesome. All the workers were great and friendly, and you get a ticket with a special QR code on it for the host to scan and they take pictures at each special section of the experience, which is included in the tickets. Then you can access all your photos through a microsite in your email. This was great because you were able to get photos with your group and only your group.

There are so many things to do in NYC, this experience was awesome!

“Monica Clean”

The experience is “Monica clean.” Meaning everything is cleaned and sanitized throughout the experience because of Covid. We were sent in our separate groups and were never within 6 feet of anyone. This actually made the experience better because we were able to get some great photos and take some time in each area of the show.

The FRIENDS Experience-The One in New York City.  If you are looking for fun things to do in NYC, this is it. This experience was so much fun
Monica’s kitchen

What You Will Experience

It feels like you walked onto the set of Friends, it really does. You also get to see a behind-the-scenes look too like set designs, costume design, even artwork from Central Perk.

You will be able to immerse yourself into each separate set from the show like you are one of the famous characters-Joey, Chandler, Monica, Ross, Phoebe, and Rachel.

You will lounge in Joey and Chandlers Barka loungers, play their foosball table, see authentic displayed outfits the characters wore in the show, explore Monica’s entire apartment, and drink actual coffee and eat pastries in Central Perk. They even included Phoebes famed Gladys, her grandma’s taxi, and Rachel’s English Trifle. Everything was down to detail, we even poked fat naked man with a stick and took pictures with the holiday armadillo!

The FRIENDS Experience-The One in New York City! In Central Perk, where you could get snacks and coffee. Sit on the famous Friends orange sofa!

Should You Spend the Money and Go?

YES!! 100% YES! I have not been this impressed for a long time, given we were traveling to New York City post-covid. With so many things to do in New York City, this is a must! From the beginning, this The FRIENDS Experience-The One in New York City was well worth the money(I am on a budget so it might not be too much from your perspective), so much fun and I am so glad we purchased tickets to this. I am sure the other cities are awesome too. It was a complete blast. I do not want to give much away if you plan on going but GO!

Purchase The FRIENDS Experience-The One in New York City (and other cites)

If you need a hotel suggestion, we stayed at this hotel on Herald Square and is super nice and budget-friendly, I was highly impressed. You can also see my list of hotels in each area of New York City and things to do in NYC, and what we ate while visiting.

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