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Weekend Getaways From Dallas, Texas | Top Road Trips

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There are several weekend getaways from Dallas to several charming locations in and around Texas. These towns are perfect for a short escape to rediscover the beauty of your nearby surroundings!

From exploring historical streets to relaxing on sandy shores, a few days away can offer an unwinding adventure. Whether you’re seeking fun family experiences or romantic getaways near Dallas, there are plenty of suitable destinations to fit your tastes.

But, planning a trip can become overwhelming when faced with many options. To help you decide, we’ll uncover the top destinations for a splendid weekend getaway from Dallas below. 

All the upcoming spots are within 250 miles from Dallas, Texas. If you’re looking for a quicker journey, check out our guide on fun day trips near Dallas.

Image by Daniel Adams on Unsplash

7 Best Weekend Trips from Dallas

Whether you’re heading north to Oklahoma or staying central in Texas, your travel possibilities are immense. These towns boast multiple spheres with breathtaking landscapes, piney woods, rich culture, and history.

Here are 10 superb spots for fun getaways near Dallas to inspire your next adventure.

1. Wimberley, Texas

To begin with, the quaint town of Wimberley offers a spectacular weekend getaway near Dallas filled with southern charm and enjoyable activities. It boasts a central location in Texas Hill with some of the best natural springs, eateries, and wines. 

Jacobs Well in Wimberley Texas is one of the most stunning weekend getaways from Dallas. This unique spot is one of Texas' natural wonders and must be added to your Texas bucket list
Jacobs Well Wimberley Texas

The town supports two famous swimming holes, Blue Hole and Jacob’s Well, perfect for a revitalizing experience. From diving in dazzling waters to strolling around artisan shops, you’ll certainly enjoy your stay in this small town. 

The Famous Blue Hole in Wimberley Texas

Here are a few of our favorite things to do in Wimberley:

Driving distance from Dallas:

3 hours, 34 minutes (230.5 miles)

Where to Stay in Wimberley, Texas:

2. Fredericksburg, Texas- The German Weekend Getaway From Dallas

In the mid-18th century, German settlers founded Fredericksburg. Today, it is a top wine travel destination and provides an ideal spot for romantic weekend getaways for couples. You’ll find over 50 wineries, vineyards, and tasting rooms in the town. Furthermore, Fredericksburg is also a short distance to Wimberley, Texas, and Austin, Texas.

In addition, there are vast vineyards and scenic hiking trails; there’s plenty to do in this town. Some of the top things to do in Fredericksburg include:

Driving distance from Dallas:

4 hours, 10 minutes (249.7 miles)

Where to Stay in Fredericksburg, Texas:

Looking for a romantic getaway near Dallas? Fredericksburg, Tx is the perfect weekend getaway filled with wineries, eateries, cottages to stay at
Pioneer Memorial Public Museum Fredericksburg, Texas

3. Glen Rose, Texas

For those wondering, what are the best locations for last-minute or family weekend getaways from Dallas? Glen Rose has to be one of our top picks. This nearby small town is perfect for short road trips from Dallas. 

Additionally, Glen Rose is known for its wildlife safaris and prehistoric wonders. From exploring its historic downtown to hiking with magnificent views. This tiny town boasts a big adventure. It’s a superb spot for a family vacation – especially if you have a little dinosaur-loving explorer.

A must-visit attraction would have to be the Dinosaur Valley State Park. At the park, you’ll be greeted by giant fiberglass dinosaurs, come across massive prehistoric footprints, and hike beside the Paluxy River. Other top activities include:

  • Swimming and picnics at Big Rocks Park
  • View endangered species at Fossil Rim Wildlife Center
  • See hundreds of life-size dinosaurs at Dinosaur World
  • Visit Creation Evidence Museum
  • Golfing at Squaw Valley Golf Course
  • Boat Lake Granbury

Driving distance from Dallas:

1 hour 12 minutes (75.6 miles)

Where to Stay in Glen Rose, Texas:

4. Marble Falls, Texas

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast seeking an adventurous road trip from Dallas, Marble Falls is the place to be. Situated in Central Texas, the city supports the glorious Lake Marble Falls and an abundance of activities.

Moreover, Marble Falls is ideal for boating, fishing, camping, birding, and golfing. The city is home to picturesque lakes, recreational parks, top restaurants, stores, and curated art galleries. Top things to do in Marble Falls include:

  • Visit Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge
  • Off-road adventures at Hidden Falls Adventure Park
  • Strawberry picking at Sweet Berry Farm
  • Enjoy delicious dishes and wine tasting at Flat Creek Estate Winery
  • Relax alongside Lake Marble Falls

Driving distance from Dallas:

3 hours, 19 minutes (211.1 miles)

Where to Stay in Marble Falls, Texas

Marble Falls is a great weekend road trip from Dallas. There is a ton of outdoor activities and a great location for family fun
Image by Thomas Park on Unsplash

5. Bricktown, Oklahoma City, Ok

Bricktown is a vibrant entertainment district in Oklahoma City, Ok. It is home to former warehouse spaces transformed into elegant restaurants, wine bars, and piano lounges.

You can go north for some of the best road trips from Dallas. Bricktown in Oklahoma City, OK is a fun time, lively, full of restaurants and activities

Bricktown is not typically the first destination that comes to mind when thinking of nearby Dallas getaways. But, it is an entertaining area that’s worth a visit and will not disappoint. This downtown district provides some of the best experiences that Oklahoma City has to offer, including:

Driving distance from Dallas:

3 hours (206.7 miles)

Where to Stay in Bricktown, Oklahoma City

The Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark is a fun family getaway from Dallas. Bricktown is such a lively, fun, upbeat place.
Image by Justin Prine on Unsplash

6. Caddo Lake, Texas

Nestled in northeast Texas near the Louisiana border, Caddo Lake offers a peaceful escape. For those seeking a scenic getaway, Dallas is just three hours away from this glistening lake.  

Caddo Lake is often not mentioned as one of the best getaways from Dallas, but it should be! This swampy lake is a change of scenery for Texas!

At Caddo Lake, you’ll experience striking scenery and a comfortable stay. It is a top spot for camping and cabin stays. But, if you’re looking for rustic-luxury accommodation, there are several lodges and resorts in proximity like Caddo Lake Lodge.

Caddo Lake State Park is a must-visit attraction for exhilarating experiences like boating and hiking. From searching for a geocache to spotting an alligator, there is plenty on offer. Other top activities include:

  • Experience awe-inspiring sunrises
  • Enjoy guided boat tours on Caddo Lake
  • Visit Caddo Lake National Wildlife Refuge
  • Indulge in fresh seafood at Riverbend Restaurant
  • Head to the town of Jefferson (7 miles) for historical tours and live performances

Driving distance from Dallas:

3 hours (195.9 miles)

Where to Stay in Caddo Lake, Texas

7. Broken Bow, Oklahoma-The Ultimate Cabin Weekend Getaway From Dallas

Broken Bow is a dream destination for quick getaways from Dallas. The city might be small, but its natural beauty is immense. Broken Bow is an amazing honeymoon location, a romantic getaway near Dallas, or family travel.

Broken Bow is home to picturesque woodlands and rivers. It is an ideal location for fun-filled outdoor adventures. Whether you’re an eager angler looking to catch a Trophy Trout or an explorer seeking a forest trail, the city offers activities for all.

That said, notable attractions in Broken Bow include the Broken Bow Lake and Beavers Bend State Park. At the park, you’ll find bald eagles, black bears, and magnificent pine forest trails. Here are a few more must-try activities in Broken Bow:

  • Visit Hochatown Rescue Center and Petting Zoo
  • Take a fishing trip to Lower Mountain Fork River
  • Zipline with Rugaru Adventures
  • Watch exhibits at the Forest Heritage Center Museum
  • Enjoy thrilling experiences at Hochatown Escape Games

Driving distance from Dallas:

2 hours, 14 minutes (172.4 miles)

Where to Stay in Broken Bow, Oklahoma:

Broken Bow, Ok is one of the best romantic weekend getaways from Dallas or Fort Worth. With cabins galore to rent, this little area is a haven for many people from North Texas
Image by Layne S on Unsplash

8. Waco, Texas

Last but not least, Waco, Texas. Visiting Waco, Texas, is a great weekend getaway from Dallas to get out of the bustle of city life. Whether you are looking for an urban adventure or exploring nature, this small town has plenty of options. If you are visiting this area, here are the top activities in Waco, Texas:

  • Visit the famous Magnolia Market at the Silos. Joanna and Chip Gaines destination for all things farmhouse and homemade recipes. If you do visit, Joanna Gaines Zuchinni Bread Recipe is worth the drive from Dallas alone.
  • A river cruise on the Brazos River
  • The Mayborn Museum
  • Tour Baylor University
  • The Waco Suspension Bridge, one of the oldest bridges in Texas and instgram photo worthy
  • The Dr. Pepper Museum
One of the best road trips from Dallas, and its not far at all, is Waco, Texas. We visit the Magnolia Silos in downtown Waco. The Joanna Gaines destination has so much to do, food trucks, baseball, shopping, picnicking. If you do go, get the yummy Magnolia Table Zucchini Bread

See our family trip to the Magnolia Silos in Waco, Texas. One of our favorite weekend getaways from Dallas, Texas.

Final Thoughts on The Best Road Trips from Dallas

There are so many family and romantic weekend getaways from Dallas or Fort Worth, Texas. Texas is full of travel destinations, and I hope this guide helps. With an abundance of exhilarating adventures, historical landmarks, and spectacular landscapes, you’ll certainly have a rejuvenating experience. 

As they say, everything is bigger in Texas so get ready to explore with a fun-filled getaway near Dallas. If you’re short on time, there are plenty of vacation destinations that are less than a 30-minute drive away. For a quick getaway near Dallas, check out this guide to Grapevine, Texas.

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