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Welcome to Life on Lavender Lane-A New Life, Fresh Start

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This is my little red brick home on Lavender Lane. It’s really the only all red brick house in of the trendy ever-popular all-white farmhouse style homes. I wanted this home to be different from everyone around me.

Everything about this home is fresh and new. Even the plants out front are babies; they will grow along with us; they will be part of new beginnings, rooted in love and memories even when it’s sold to a new family one day.

This house is the foundation of an amazing life for my kids and me. Years of loss, pain, heartbreak this is my silver lining. My opportunity to build what I love, to build a family that does not look traditional. A new start, a new me.

This house I chose myself. I picked the floor plan and everything from the brick color to the grout color from the very ground up. I drove my poor sales guy absolutely crazy coming to the model home repeatedly until I finally made a decision.

When I did, I felt great about it. If it were not for my sales rep being so patient and helping me split my earnest deposits, my little dream on Lavender Lane might not have come true. There are special people in the world that have no idea how much they really helped you, how much they changed your life. Make sure you let them know.

After my last divorce, it took me two years to pull myself off the ground. Two years. I tried and tried to come to peace with my relationship ending and ending so abruptly. I tried to change the inside of the home I shared with both my husbands.

Weird, I know. I figured if I changed the inside, it would change how I felt about the good and bad memories. I tried to decorate it differently, get new pieces of furniture, paint it a beautiful grey-blue. My old home was stunning, and it had lots of room.

I brought babies home from the hospital to that house. I was grateful. Incredibly grateful. But sometimes starting over means everything to move on, including a new space to make new memories. That house represented both blessings and painful memories.

It was time for new beginnings. It was time for a whole new area. New stores to shop at, a completely new environment for me to build independently from a man or husband. That is all I knew for an exceptionally long time was to be a partner, a wife, a mother. Thirty-eight percent of my life, to be exact. I am only 38.

It took me months to decide to leave my life behind in search of a new one. I was afraid of making the wrong decision and hurt my kids in the process. They had been through so much already in their young little lives.

My decision, my carefully planned-out decision, was the best one I had made in many years. After years of loss, heartbreak, failure, this was my light at the end of the tunnel. My little red brick house on Lavender Lane has made my life a more peaceful, fulfilled, and happier mom who, in turn, makes the little ones happy too.

I wanted a smaller, cozy home. The best part of this home it is all mine. My children and I will fill it with memories, and we are going to make this house a home. I will only fill it with the things I love, whether it be the color sofa I want to a glitzy, sparkly chandelier over the dining room table. My kids can make it their home and decorate their space how they see fit (within reason, lol, you know how teens can be!

I am incredibly grateful I was able to do this for myself and my children. This home represents life after divorce. It represents that life can be better, peaceful, and fulfilled. This home represents you can do it independently, and you do not need to be with someone to be happy. You can be happy on your own with the people that are constant in your life.

I am going to document my journey with you in making Lavender Lane a home. You will watch us establish roots, gain community, and build lifelong memories. I have a good base, a few pieces of furniture I have purchased already. I moved in at the beginning of COVID, and I did not want to spend on what I did not need at that time, which proved correct.

I am thankful you will take this journey with my kids and me. It should be interesting and fun. There will be a few Pinterest fails, I promise! I am by no means a decorator, but we will work with what we can.

Here you can see the community I live in. I am originally from Las Vegas, Nevada. These “Mayberry” type communities did not exist. I am super grateful my children will be rooted in such a great place, with awesome schools. It is an amazing little town in the country, and I love all of it. Welcome to our Life on Lavender!

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