Why You Need An Online Pediatrician For Your Kids.

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Why you should consider Blueberry Pediatrics for non-emergency, online pediatric health needs.

I am not a sponsor for Blueberry Pediatrics; I honestly love it. I keep my monthly membership with Blueberry Pediatrics in addition to my regular health insurance and children’s primary health care provider.

The online pediatricians at Blueberry Pediatrics make it easy to have a telehealth appointment for your kids in the comfort of your own home and in your jammies ;)

Blueberry Pediatrics is Affordable

This online pediatric telehealth service is a game-changer for my children and me. It’s extremely affordable plans from $12 a month to $18 a month (no hidden fees, and they almost always have specials on the medical kit fee) for ALL your children, babies to teens, under in your household, and convenient beyond belief.

Each child in your household is covered under the monthly membership fee. No extra hidden fees for your online pediatric appointment.

For me, with four children, that is $4.50 per month for an online pediatrician appointment with a board-certified pediatrician. That is less than a Starbucks coffee and worth its weight in the convenience of not leaving home to see a doctor.

Your Membership Includes:

  • Unlimited visits, calls, & messages
  • 24/7 access to Pediatricians
  • Care for all children in your household
  • No appointment needed, on-demand care within 45 minutes – guaranteed
  • No copays, no extra fees, no kidding

Blueberry Pediatrics even sends you a medical kit in the mail after you sign up for your membership. I suggest getting a Blueberry membership before your child needs to see an online pediatrician visit, so you have the medical tools needed for an exam.

The medical kit includes a thermometer, a finger pulse oximeter, and a smart otoscope that allows your online pediatric team to diagnose and treat ear infections faster. Its tiny camera is flexible, making it easy for you to take photos and videos inside your child’s ear to look for infections.

Finally, affordable health care for your kids…at home, no need for waiting rooms or long hours waiting for someone to call you back.

Best part? We all stayed in our pajamas and took the pediatrician’s call in bed, where sick kids belong.

Having an online pediatric doctor has so many benefits, convenience is one and no toddler meltdowns is another! You can have an online pediatrician visit in your pjs with Blueberry Pediatrics.

I wouldn’t say I like taking my kids to the pediatrician, nor do they love it. I hate going to the doctor, but I have found online telehealth for adults and never for children.  When I found and signed up for Blueberry Pediatrics, everyone in the family was happy, super happy.

Check out online healthcare and doctors for your entire family, Here!

No more going to the doctor unless it is for immunizations, emergencies, or school well visits. Blueberry Pediatrics takes care of the rest.

My daughter recently had a bad cough and said her ears hurt. My regular pediatrician is a good 40-minute drive, so since I am a person that appreciates convenience, we signed up for Blueberry Pediatrics. Again, game-changer, I will tell you.

The doctors at Blueberry are board-certified physicians that can treat anything that is non-emergency:

  • Colds, coughs, runny noses, sore throats, strep
  • Sinus and upper respitory infections
  • Bug bites, allergies, sunburns
  • Ear and eye infections
  • Tummy issues, UTIs
  • And so much more.

Within a few minutes, I requested an online pediatrician appointment, a physician called me, I took photos of her throat. I hooked up my ear odometer (a little camera hooked to my phone’s video camera for the doctor to see inside her ear from home) from the medical kit they sent me prior.

For your pediatric telehealth appointments, Blueberry Pediatrics sends you a medical kit for your online pediatric appointments. The kit includes everything you need for the pediatrician to diagnose and send your child in a prescription if needed.

I discussed the symptoms with my daughter’s online pediatric doctor; she reviewed her ear’s photos and the video and determined she had an upper respiratory infection sent over a prescription to my local pharmacy.

Within 25 minutes top, we were done with our pediatric telemedicine appointment, and a prescription was on its way to my closest pharmacy.

My three is rarely cooperative, screams until blue in the face at the regular doctor’s office, allowed me to do everything for the online pediatrician. There were no tantrums or tears the whole time. Simple, easy, and affordable.

Pediatric care at moment’s notice.

Call, text, video Messgae a peditrican 24/7. No waiting rooms with other sick kids, no dragging your children in when they already do not feel well. A pediatrician at Blueberry pediatrics is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

4 out of 5 times, Blueberry Pediatrics calls to eliminate the need to see a doctor in person. Your online pediatrician can evaluate, diagnose, send in a prescription to your nearest pharmacy (if needed) without you even leaving the sofa. Your kids can get evaluated, treated, diagnosed without even leaving their own bed.

If you are looking for an online pediatrician, we love Blueberry Pediatrics. No more waiting rooms, no more long call times. 24/7 a board certified pediatrician is ready to take care of your child, most appointments are done and complete in 45 minutes.

The Blueberry app is changing the way we communicate with our pediatricians. With a click of your index finger, you’ll get connected directly to an available doctor in minutes and have all your questions answered right away! No more waiting on hold for hours.

The Blueberry app is like a doctor in your pocket. It’s quick and easy to use, providing parents with information about their child’s symptoms, including what may be wrong and how best to treat it.

How it works

Your child is sick. On your Blueberry App, you request a pediatrician visit, even if it is 3 am.  Blueberry Pediatrics has sent you your medical kit in the mail, which can be used during your online telehealth visit.

With your kit, you will be able to send vitals, photos or even do an ear exam with the ear otoscope sent in your medical kit for ear infections just like you would in an in-person doctor’s office.

Within a few minutes, usually around 15 minutes, a board-certified pediatrician contacts you over the phone and discusses any questions or concerns you may have for your child.

A diagnosis and a care plan are given to you, prescriptions will be called in if needed, and you will have peace of mind. Simple as that!

If you have kids, newborns to teens, and are looking for a pediatric telehealth service with an easy-to-use website, affordable monthly plans, no hidden fees or gimmicks, then this might be the right one for your family! We love it, and I am sure you will too!

Join Blueberry!

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